LL glass railing profile

ALVI is a glass aluminum railing system for balconies.

Advantages of the ALVI railing system:

  • basically unlimited life
  • corrosion proof and weatherproof
  • resistant to temperature changes from -50 ° to 80 °
  • maintenance free

Technical specifications of ALVI:

30 x 70mm square profile is used for the post. Handrail width 75 – 200mm (depending on the type of handrail)
We use 100% aluminum profiles according to the requirements of EN-AW 6060-T6 (GOST AD31) painted with powder paint according to RAL catalogue and pre-treated according to GSB requirements. All this will ensure the life of the profiles for long years
Can be mounted both on the balcony and the front edge of the balcony.

Laminated glass, which meets safety requirements 1B1 (old F2), is used as a balcony railing glass. The laminated glass 44.2 and 55.2 (hardened or not) are suitable for the glass profiles provided. The width of the glasses is usually equal to the spacing between the posts between 800 and 1200mm

Types of ALVI

Standard käsipuu rõduplaadi ette kinnitusega
Glass-lined handrail in front of the balcony plate with a fastening
Klaasiliistuga käsipuu rõduplaadi peale kinnitusega
Glass-lined handrail on top of the balcony plate with a fastening
Standard käsipuu rõdu peale kinnitusega
Standard handrail on balcony with the fastening
Klaasiliistuga käsipuu rõduplaadi ette kinnitusega
Standard handrail in front of the balcony plate with a fastening
Lisakäsipuu piirde küljel + lisaliist rõdu serva ja klaasi vahe katmiseks
Additional handrail on the side of the railing + extra strip to cover the gap between the edge of the balcony and the glass
Standard käsipuu rõdu peale kinnitusega
Round handrail on the railing
Grated railings
Grated railings