Minimalist railing system GP

The GP glass railing system is a minimalist glass railing system without posts suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Does not contain metal parts, is rustproof and waterproof.
Finishing options are almost endless. If looks of the aluminum itself is not suitable, it can be painted with powder paint over the entire spectrum of the RAL catalogue.
Fastening as needed from the side or bottom of the profile.
The railing is also suitable for use as security railing during construction. In this case, instead of glass panels, plywood boards must be installed which can easily be replaced by glass panels at the end of construction.

  • Loading capacity of the railing up to 1.5 kN/m
  • Profile dimensions 60 × 110 mm
  • Aesthetic surface finish: brushed stainless steel effect
  • Profile-milled mounting holes in spacing of 200 mm
  • The standard length of the profiles is 3000 mm
  • Glass thickness (mm): 10; 12; 13.5; 17.5; 19.5; 21.5
  • Fast glass fastening with plastic wedges and a special tool
  • The profile is also available bent

System components

  • Aluminum profile
  • Glass support rubber seal
  • Two-component plastic wedge
  • Rubber seal covering the wedges
  • Glass

Stairman-Piirded-Põhjakinnitusega-süsteem-GP1 – koopia
Bottom mounting system GP1

Required mounting accessories
Chemical anchor + M12 threaded bolt (strength 8.8)
M12 wedge anchor

Stairman-Piirded-Küljekinnitusega-süsteem-GP2 – koopia
Side mount system GP2

Required space of attaching profile
0.5 kN/m railing – 400 mm
1 kN/m railing – 200 mm
1.5 kN/m railing – 200 mm

Selection of handrails

Handrails on the side

Rectangular aluminum handrail on the side
Rectangular wooden handrail on the side
Round stainless handrail on the side
Round wooden handrail on the side

Handrails on top

Rectangular aluminum handrail on top
Rectangular wooden handrail on top
Round on a stainless handrail on top
Round wooden handrail on top

Strip on top