The minimum ramp width is 900 mm. For longitudinal slopes exceeding 5%, the ramp shall be provided with a horizontal landing with a distance of at least 1500 mm every 6000 mm.


Press welded grating of 16 × 75/30 × 3 is used as a standard on the ramp. Other grate types can also be used if the customer wishes. To achieve strength and avoid slippage, the grate is always perpendicular to the direction of movement.
The side profiles are made of angular steel.
The posts of the ramp are made of rectangular tubes and also serve as barrier posts.


Handrail height 900 mm, extra handrail height 700 mm. The handrail is made of a 40 mm diameter round tube.
It is also possible to order wall-mounted handrails.
In the case of ramps with adjoining stairs or precipice, a grating filler which is secured to the railing posts by screws for an additional railing.

The width of the ramp is at least 900 mm
There must be at least 1500x1500mm free space for turning the wheelchair at the front and end of the ramp.
After every section of up to 6 meters (projection), there must be an intermediate plane of length < 1500 mm (in case of over 5% incline)

Surface treatment

All steel structures are hot-dip galvanized. Possible priming and final painting of the products.