Escape and industrial stairs

Stairman manufactures industrial metal staircases suitable for use in evacuation and access staircases to factories, warehouses, farms, containers, offices and commercial buildings, etc.
Staircases are made of welded grid, stretch grid, or perforated sheet metal steps.
Steps are generally hot-dip galvanized.

Load-bearing structures of the staircase in addition to zinc are painted, if necessary.

Rails are according to need and requirements.

Escape and industrial stairs

Stairman’s spiral staircases are manufactured with either closed or open step spaces

Avatud astmevahedega keerdtrepp
Spiral staircase with closed step space

Straight staircase with metal steps

The load-bearing structures of the staircase are made of straight or bent sheet metal.
Railings as needed or according to current requirements.

Sparse railing
Dense railing
Handrail with posts

Staircase cage

To prevent access to the stairs, we offer “cages” for staircases.
The range includes “small” cages at the bottom of the stairs to prevent access to the stairs and
“large” cages that cover the entire staircase and have a roof to protect against rain and snow.
The most commonly used type of wall is the “net” wall that ventilates the staircase in case of fire. But it is also possible to cover the walls for windproofing.

Square cage